Eyebrows may seem like a small thing on your face, but they can make a big difference in your appearance. They serve to frame your face. Your eyebrows can become very annoying if they are not tamed properly. Everyone has some major eyebrow troubles going on.

We are going to show how to handle your eyebrow situation without tweezers and wax. There is always a better way. Start with smiling and styling!

This method has been used in India and Central Asia for thousands of years and now you can do the same!

At the beginning, you have to brush your eyebrows so you will get them all flowing in the same direction. Take a foot of thread and ring it around into a loop and tie it. Cut the ends of the knot. After that, you have to make an X with thread by twisting it around. If the string is too much on your fingers, you can use some tools for help.

Thread to Shape Eyebrows

Open fingers easy on one hand, then close them carefully on the other. This moves the shuttle along, and the twist in the thread will pull the hairs out this way. Make sure that you know the right moves, before you try this! Keep doing it, until you get the wanted shape for your eyebrows. Also, you can use the technique on other hairs you want removed as well. With this technique, you are going to refresh your face. Let’s start right now!